Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP’s) at Lifestyle Breakthrough run our Be CancerFit program. Our AEP’s guide clients through this program, which has been based around the world leading research coming out of Australia’s Edwin Cowan University and the Centre for Physical Activity Research in Denmark.

Leading research is showing that targeted and specific exercises for different cancers (including bowel, breast, prostate and many more) is improving success rates by over 50% in many cancers.

We provide this for people pre treatment, during and post treatment. We also offer prevention programs.

I am feeling tired, lethargic and not really wanting to exercise?

We understand, it is a common feeling. Amazingly, it has been shown that these targeted exercises can help increase energy, prevent you feeling as lethargic post a treatment and instead, help you gain more strength. So you can tolerate treatment better. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, it is actually best to undertake a session with our AEP’s on the same day or the day after a treatment.

I have to wait a few weeks before surgery or treatment to start ?

The sooner you start this program, the better. As surgery and treatment is intense and you need to be as fit as you can to recover better. Evidence shows that improving fitness, strength and general daily activity levels is important to improving surgery outcomes and success rates. It not only shortens recovery time from the surgery, but helps tolerance to other forms of treatment like chemotherapy.

Isn’t it better to rest so my treatments can work?

This is what we used to think. It is not the case anymore. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are designed to destroy the cancer cells and alter your immune system to help you overcome the cancer. In the process, muscle size and conditioning can reduce upwards of 15% in people undergoing chemotherapy. This means less strength, less energy and much longer recovery periods. It also means treatment plans can sometimes be altered to allow for longer recovery times.

However, specific exercise training which we offer has shown to prevent these muscular losses and in some cases, create muscular strength gains even whilst undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy. This combined with other exercise effects can often allow doctors to undertake more aggressive treatment plans to create much greater success rates.

Whatever stage of cancer you have, we can tailor the program to your needs.

As AEP’s, Medicare and Private Health rebates are available for sessions. WorkCover rebates may be available if applicable. 

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